my first haiku

i wrote my first haiku for an assignment in Mrs. Draine’s third grade class at Park Hill Elementary.  she didn’t give us a topic, so I just wrote about the most interesting thing i could see at the time.

the bush outside the
window inspires me to write
this poem for you
then i drew a shitty picture of the bush.

i think i got an A, but it was a pretty bad school.

4 Responses to my first haiku

  1. Kristen says:

    Good sir, could you write a haiku about 3 lovely former catholic school girls spending a weekend together? Fantastic!!

  2. Bob Fingerman says:

    The heck kinda school did you go to with digital tablets on which to draw your shitty pictures of bush? Your haikus, however, are lurvly, pet. Great site.

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