day ninety three – liz taylor film tribute

I wrote these in tribute to Liz Taylor, because she died.

Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf

is it a real woolf?
cause woolves are always scary
even when they girls

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

poor Maggie the Cat
with her giant snowman dad
and her gay husband


she played a young girl
great at seducing Romans
just like…never mind

day ninety two – REVENGE!

I have been on vacation, but I am back to dole out some REVENGE.

to the eastern European medical technician who administered my overnight sleep test while watching Fox News and who kept telling me how much he hated Obama, Communists, Hispanics, and Jews:

Bulgarian douche
hey Fox News called – Newt Gingrich
thinks you’re too right wing

to the job that I just quit:

such audacity
how dare you employ a man
for three years? fuck you

to the older kid who stole a bottle of pepsi out of my hand and drank the whole thing right in front of me when I was in seventh grade:

if you were thirsty
you could have just asked me, sir
I hope you’re dead now