day one hundred ten – miraculous nomenclature, arlo guthrie, and a challenge

half baked

why’s it called Easter
the man ROSE from his grave folks
should be called Yeaster


our grand universe
like Alice’s Restaurant
goes on forever


you talkin to me?
I don’t see no one else here
oh wait there’s that guy

Wednesday top ten – my top eleven business or product ideas

I found a bunch of these in an old notebook. I think several of them are still viable.

11. The Ring Larder (jewelers)

10. Not Quite Pretty (fashions for homely girls)

9. Moo Shoes (leather footwear)

8. Laundry Slave (detergent)

7. Baby Be Gone (abortion clinic)

6. No Rats! (upscale restaurant)

5. Clown Go Boom (clown exterminators)

4. The Loin King (butcher shop)

3. Leave Your Kid Here Daycare (daycare)

2. Hand Jobs (hand modelling agency)

1. Don’t Bother Me, Sharks (shark repellent)


day one hundred nine – uppity volunteers, life lessons, and more fun with hymenopterae


so you volunteer
at a museum – who cares?
that docent mean shit

forrest chump

life is like a box
not of chocolates, just a box
act accordingly

impassioned defense

I feel bad for wasps
I think they get a bad rap