day one twenty five – more George Lucas, whales, and nukes

to sir with hate

to George Lucas:
I used to love you so much
but now you are scum

occupy whale street

if they “save the whales”
will the whales earn us interest?

nuke kids on the block

nuclear weapons
are hazardous to your health
when used properly

day one twenty four – great sequels, music history, and exotic birds

most impressive

Empire Strikes Back
best sequel ever? no way
World War II, hands down

tangled up in blues

Jellylegs Johnson
sounds like a blues musician
is that a real dude?

pretty in pink

so here’s a question
what is up with flamingos?
I mean what the fuck

day one twenty three – murder, a short fable, and a kind of dumb one about the song Amazing Grace

the thing about murder

it’s victimless crime
one guy kills another guy
boom – no more victim

a cautionary tale about a lake

there once was a lake
it was so lovely and calm
then there was a WAR

fair question

in Amazing Grace
does the guy claim to be blind
for a parking spot?