day one forty three – blood donation, speculative jesus behavior, and changing seasons

damn yankees

I donated blood
heard some yankee fan got it
i want that shit back


what would jesus do?
well I bet he wouldn’t wear
that stupid bracelet

winter is coming

summer has left us
and with it warm weather clothes
goodbye for now, boobs

day one forty two – curse words, the other kennedy assassination, and porcupines

curse of the noldor

you should never curse
it weakens your argument
unless you’re a cunt

health code violation?

bobby kennedy
they shot him in a kitchen
next to the food?? GROSS

ode to the Erethizontidae

hello porcupine
you look so cute and cuddly
here let me OWWW FUCK!!!!

day one forty one – einstein, obama, and defiant diabetics

it ain’t rocket science

they say that Einstein
said “e=mc2”
there’s no way that’s right

master detective

it took Obama
three years to find Bin Laden
way to go, Batman

bow down

hey diabetics
dare defy me? you shall pay
for such insulin