wednesday top ten – more business and product ideas

10.  Spread ‘Em  (peanut butter and jelly together – in one jar!)

9.  Cod Pieces  (battered frozen fish)

8.  Snakes Ahoy!  (snake-themed children’s boardgame)

7.  No More Frostite-Induced Gangrene! of Toledo  (winter       clothing line based in Toledo OH)

6.  Crazy Duds  (clothes for insane people)

5.  Stop Being a Bitch  (PMS medication)

4.  Widower’s Choice  (frozen dinners)

3.  Grandma’s Secret  (skin cream)

2.  Enjoy -a-Goat  (petting zoo)

1.  Touch Me Down There  (pedicures)

Top Ten Wednesday – top ten children’s books I plan to write

Let’s see Keanu do this.

10. Harry Potter and the Thing that Kills Hagrid

9. Why Did Grandma Stop Moving?

8. Wilt Chamberlain and the Ten Thousand Conquests

7. The Adventures of Butterface

6. Don’t Give the Honey Badger Angel Dust!

5. Everybody Hurts (co-written with Michael Stipe)

4. The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Normandy Beach

3. Mr. Nutria’s Wild Ride

2. Daddy’s Special Bottle

1. Take These Pills and Shut Up

wednesday top 10 – top 11 little known facts about Bruce Lee

11. combed his hair with a live Bengal tiger

10. secreted a venom highly prized by the pharmaceutical industry

9. was a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings

8. invented his own unique form of martial art he called “karate”

7. allergic to pecans

6. only defeated in combat once – by Voltron*

5. twice elected governor of Missouri, but declined to serve

4. real life inspiration for Wally Lamb’s “She’s Come Undone”

3. could perform a handstand (with assistance)

2. liked elephants

1. was Asian

*the spaceship one, not the lion one