day eight

the last one is about the San Francisco Giants closer, not the Beach Boys guy.  I also changed it to be less racist.

bold assertion

Stalin and Hitler
gonna go out on a limb
they were bad people

lethal weapon

Mel Gibson’s Passion
is not a movie at all
it’s spousal abuse

remember the Giants

Brian Wilson’s beard
is somewhat like Darth Vader
black and frightening

day five

training day

subway underground
silver lightning in the dark
a retard driving

to the elderly lesbian who put her lock on my bike so I couldn’t go home

bitter old Sapphite
chaining up innocent bikes
won’t make girls like you

Diamond in the rough

September morn, we
danced until the night became
a brand new day. Two*

*this last one is just the chorus from Neil Diamond’s September Morn.  So he sucks, not me.